I recently spent a couple of days in thought on a topic that has been passed by for many years now by such as myself. That is young love and combined within the same poem that of the sole individual who walks through their days alone.

I have tried to combine both within one poem to see if I would be happy with the result. Thus since I am almost never happy with the result of any of my writings, I am placing it here for you all to decide for yourselves. As always this poem has come from the caverns of my creative mind whilst 50 year old music played in the backround.

I do hope that you enjoy this poem and another journey through a ceative result of my being.

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Beneath the moonlight skies,
Two lovers walk as stars spies.
Their loving embrace thus boils,
Eternal love covers their toils.

Stars appear to dance above,
As they gaze and seal their love.
No other could steal their embrace,
Alone in a world sealed for lovers grace.

Who walks the night alone,
Stands by a reflection sole zone.
No moonlight sky lights their way,
Who strolls solo by the bay.

You toil each day through unseen,
Yet ready the fields for corn keen.
When evening draws the night close,
Time begins to slow and never flows.

Young love appeals to unknown foes,
When the night sky then arose.
Toss the coin and now fill the well,
Lovers embrace will never its secret tell.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022


Thank you for taking time to read through this post. I hope that you have found some enjoyment in the madness that often springs from my creative mindset.

If you wish to comment as always I ask that you do so in a polite manner. This is not for my own satisfaction but so that I do not cause upset or insult to anyone. Because I realise that language in itself can cause so much insult without intention.

Until next time please take care, be safe and should you find yourself where someone walks alone, please show them a caring smile or a friendly gesture.

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