Freedom’s Song

As the world watched on in recent days on the events that unfoulded in cities throughout the world. As thousands gather calling on their leaders to return their freedom. I was inspired to write the following poem to honour the many truckers who began a convoy throughout Canada to regain their basic rights.

Regardless of ones view point or stance, one must respect the peacefull and friendly manner in which the protestors went about their days. Even in the light of general Media’s obvious misleading and false statements regarding the said protests, all in an attempt to sway opinion. The days of media influence has come to an end as live streaming of events made clear the lines between Truth and false misleading reports.

The olowing ppoem is a mark of respect to those who stand for their rights against odds that outnumber them.

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Freedom’s Song

Spin the wheels to where it stops,
The master mumbles yet he flops,
Ask the baker where yet he goes,
Bread he bears for them he knows.

The birds of the air come to feed,
Where predators will not be freed.
Wheels that spin the web of lies,
As masses begin to question ties.

Blindly follow the masters way,
Unwavering they fail to stay.
The world turns watch with ease,
As Truckers gather march a breeze.

Stand the ground made it loud,
Wander about the singing crowd.
Freedoms cheer and loving ears,
With nought to lose without fear.

Do you stand when numbers count,
When the beast calls for your discount.
Where does right become wrong,
As their might yet stands strong?

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time out to read this post. Regardless of where one stands on the on going debate of Freedom Convoy 2022 etc, One can only respect when peace is maintained and the poor, the homeless and others are cared for and fed as the protest continue to gather. Such is what I have seen in live streams. My respect goes to such who stand firm for their beliefs in a peaceful manner.

As always if you have a comment to make, please feel free to do so. But please be respectfull of others who may often be offended by our language as different cultures often have a variety of beliefs. Until next time please take care, be safe and look out for those who are in need of a little love at this time. Finally I often publish with unseen typos etc and I DO update and correct such typos as I discover them.

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