Modern Day Poet

I recently sat late at night and pondered on how poets fared in days gone by. Questioning how Yeats, Kavanagh and those who went long before them and how they fared. Did society as a whole ignore their craft? Did their words go largely unnoticed on the day?

Such is the basis of todays poem. A mere piece that seeks to highlight that the craft still continues. Though I could never claim to be anywhere close to their art. But although the pen goes unused , replaced by the tapping of a keyboard. The lost art of writing in style of old, Although I myself no longer write as such. But type all, so that none is lost.

A Regular sight in Killarney a Jaunting Car and Horse

Modern Day Poet

Watching as the midnight hour strikes,
The poets pen goes dry not for bikes.
Replaced by the tapping of keyboards,
No scrolls or pages that break records.

With the ink well dry saved by the bell,
Nor running through the gates of hell.
Thus retrieve their next supply no sale,
They continue their craft without fail.

The horse no longer your transport be,
His cart no more to be seen for free.
The tourist trap now his only fare,
Yet married to the country fair.

Did you come hear the primal scream,
The poets dream disturbed the stream.
Forgotten lore cast aside for modernity,
By gone days historical cast for a fraternity.

They are still alive and living the dream,
Walking amongst you outside the beam.
Happily wander in the midst composing,
They sit write and then continue posting.

© Pat Fitzgerald   2021

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read through this post. This is a topic that I know may go without care by the vast majority of society. But for one such as I who continues to ponder how society reacts to a wide variety of issues and situations, it becomes clear and noticable.

If you have a comment to make on this or any other topic that I write on, I welcome BUT as always I urge people to do so in a polite manner due to my desire to maintain a friendly warm page to visit.

Until the next time Please stay safe and I urge youto keep an eye out for those in need of a little touch of love. One smile may make a huge difference to ones life in a time of great need. Also I realise that I often post with some typos which may be posted and published before I discover them. BUT rest assured that I edit and correct as soon as I discover them.

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