My Animal of Choice: Birds

Amongst my favourite animal species to photograph are Birds.   From my own pet a Galah Cockatoo a temperamental inquisitive Bird. To The Collared Dove a Bird I described as almost artificial in appearance, a stunning silky look on their coating.  Then there are what we call House Sparrows.  I managed to capture a family of Sparrows teaching chicks their  dust bath.. Such an amazing sight to watch young learning from the adult of the species..

There is nothing more beautiful that watching Birds continue their routine and for one such as me ( who has hearing issues) to hear their varied songs and calls it makes a day that much easier to wander through.

I do hope to find more as we come out of  Lockdown and as we get to travel about again, the first sights I hope to see are such stunning creatures at work in their day.

Until next time Stay safe…

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