Poetry Straight from the Pen

Today I wanted to share a couple of poems that I composed just before posting here. As an experiment and to gauge how it is received and what folks think of them.


I long to take a silent stroll

where beauty is all around

consumed by desire no control

To fulfil a dream where few abound


Stepping silent o’er Peaks so pure

The scent that fills the air I breathe

Captures me in silent dreams my cure

To step beside there as if to soothe


Or to take a stroll in meadows mild

the ground beneath all but breathe

the softness in the air sends me wild

with emotions such I all but bathe


I long to walk where rivers run

a land where none will be the same

© Pat Fitzgerald

I long to be the air you breathe

to be your sole and only desire

to be the sole desire you imbathe

Caressing you as you respire


I long to be the water you drink

as though you wandered a desert

to be that sole desire that you think

Your caress is that one desire


I long to be the food you eat

the nourishment that you demand

for your every need that you unseat

Your caress is my sole desire


I long to be your one desire

to be the root of your very fire

© Pat Fitzgerald



Thank you for reading this and if you have a comment on these poems please feel free .. Until next time stay safe

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