Such a small milestone and Such a Large Encouragement

Hi I hope this little post finds you well.. I first started experimenting with this Blog a number of years ago, but without any drive to make it work. Rather more of a desire to write anything for the sake of writing and as a measure to release some mental health issues.

Then a couple of years back I again felt the urge to work on this blog, I used much of what went on about me as a topic or template for Blog posts. But because I have very set Ideals when it comes to my Faith and in politics, I found that much of the posts were often divisive and became more of a negative feel for me and what I intended to have on this Blog became forgotten in a sea of negative vibes from my own posts.

Thus began yet another hiatus from the Blogging world. But things began to change when the world were cast into a Tidal wave of emotion etc surrounding what was almost a world wide Lockdown.. At least for so many of us it was like a worldwide lockdown, whilst the numbers cast about Covid 19 Deaths etc. I decided to resurrect the blog once again. With a little encouragement from a daughter I Posted and every few days posted again and again. Whether it was my Poetry , which I must add was pretty much a hidden adventure by me where Very Few saw or even knew of their existence.

Also on my Photography which again I give credit to my daughters for helping along with this hobby, a few of my photographs have been posted here.

Now I plan to do this on a regular basis as it has finally become the enjoyment that I hoped it would be some years ago. I read up on a few figures today and was taken back by the numbers that started to both subscribe and like posts etc. The numbers of those following has been mind blowing. Because I never expected such reactions.

I thank all who have helped me reach this milestone, even if it appears so small a milestone, it has encouraged me to a large extent. I pray that you will continue to enjoy and be blessed by visiting here. Until next time, Thank you and stay safe.

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