Poetry of Faith

Over the years I have written a number of what people could call spiritual poetry, BUT I would rather term them as Poetry on Faith…

The first such Poem written in Sonnet form I simply called Sonnet 1.  My inspiration as I stated before was  from John Donne 1572 -1631.  Many of his poetry was often controversial in many ways. But I admired his willingness to write whatever the topic. Like The Flea  .  It is such poets that we can look back for inspiration on where to move forward in our own writings.


Sonnet 1


Go Give Glory where its deserved

Not where one may strive to think.

But to One who died and served

Not for want of Fame without a blink


There stands one strong against the gales

without the deeds of common man beneath.

There solely still silent amongst the nails

The son of Man calls out to bequeath.


Few do carry their cross by Him alone

But walk by rivers overflowing unseen.

Man’s own greed his own tithe flowing

to his own demise to him so keen.


So call to Him the Lord of All, seen unseen,

Without The Saviours Light we are but keen.


© Pat Fitzgerald



In March of 1990 I came to Faith in God, in His son Jesus Christ as my saviour. It was that feeling, that journey of discovering Faith that brought me to writing the following poem… Simple and yet carries the Impact such a discovery had on me…



I Seek Your Face



I seek your face, in every place,

I seek not Your throne,

Or not my own.


I seek your light, at every time,

For You, are my Rock, my Fortress,

My Light of Life.


I look around to find your touch,

My heart is Yours,

My life Your own.


Your very face is all I need,

to feel your presence about me,

I seek your word, not my own.


My life is yours, not my own,

all I need is to worship you,

at your throne.


I seek to walk by the river of life,

and worship God alone,

whose Love shines through.


I seek your face in every place,

I seek not Your throne,

or not my own.


I seek to spread, Your word around,

For all the world to hear,

Of the Word of Life.



© Pat Fitzgerald


If you have comments etc as always feel free.. Until next time stay safe.

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