More from Photography Archives

Following recent posts of mine, these few shots are from 2019 during a visit to Fota Wildlife Park in County Cork (Ireland)   Not a lot can be said about this , except how well animals are looked after here and how majestic each animal is.     As we come out of Lock down … Continue reading More from Photography Archives

My Animal of Choice: Birds

Amongst my favourite animal species to photograph are Birds.   From my own pet a Galah Cockatoo a temperamental inquisitive Bird. To The Collared Dove a Bird I described as almost artificial in appearance, a stunning silky look on their coating.  Then there are what we call House Sparrows.  I managed to capture a family of … Continue reading My Animal of Choice: Birds

Lockdown Photography

  During this lockdown and with a permitted exercise zone of 2klm  for much of it There was always going to be a time and space for a little photography. Enjoy these few shots and if you have any comments feel free to let us know.. There is not much to say on these shots, … Continue reading Lockdown Photography

More Photography

  Continuing a look  through a few Photographs from 2019 I dusted these few off as it were to show the variation or not depending on the view one would take.  The simple objects, animals and buildings can often become a wonderful story on a photograph.. Each of these were taken in various locations during … Continue reading More Photography

Fota Wildlife Park 2019

I  decided to dig into the archives of my Photography since we in Ireland are still in Lockdown. These few shots are a sample of Wildlife photography  taken at Fota Wildlife Park in 2019. One of which includes which possibly is my most favoured animal...  You can figure for yourselves which one it is. 😉 … Continue reading Fota Wildlife Park 2019