I have been struck by the apparent Lack of care towards the ever growing and ever rising numbers of those who fall to the disease that is Suicide. Heads rarely turn when news of another life lost, yet heads turn when the life of a family member of a celebrity falls to the same disease that is suicide.

Yet no one turns when often those numbers are added to Covid deaths. OR as their deaths are excused for another cause. But the greatest failure of mankind is their apparent lack of care for those who struggle or have struggled. Few stop and offer a friendly ear to those in dire need. WHO Cares? That is the basic bones for todays poem WHO cares?

One of the greatest deeds of all is to offer a friendly ear, a friendly face when most in need. But when faced with media that pushes fear, those most in need fall at their feet with little care. This is what todays poem seeks to bring to light. WHO cares.

Photo by Kamaji Ogino on Pexels.com


Who can feel the winds change now,
When all eyes are on the Plough.
The heartbeat of a nation goes silent,
As fear rains on their parade Violent. 

Spring the lock that ever seeks to bind,
Humanities caring soul thus aligned.
Where goes the love of man at night,
Who stands at the gate now to fight.

Lost and lonely a weary heart weeps,
No saving hand comes or sweeps.
The hounds bite yet claimed another,
Who weeps as darkness comes to smother.

Who weeps with broken hearted mothers,
Who stands alongside the weeping brothers.
Lost among created pandemic statistics,
Forgotten unheard come sing like mystics.

Who dares to care enough to stand,
Who comes to listen not to the band.
Forgotten victims fall about your feet.
The result you see is never so sweet.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time to read this post. It is not an easy read and one that may be heavier to task over other posts. But we often need to question if We do care enough to CARE.

If you have comments Please feel free to do so with usual requests of being polite and understanding that we have a variety of cultures that may be offended by words you may use.

Until next time please take care and Please show a little love to those in need of some loving care.

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