Sitting at home whilst the weather hinders any thoughts of taking a walk or exiting this place to find some ease of mind. I found myself writing on that mere thought of a pleasure walk in an area of solitude, free of the dragon that is Main stream media, also free from the dogs that are now social media that chews on old bones of burried history.

This is where todays poem was created and cconsists of my usual references to those same streams of negativity. Thus todays poem is based around this. I hope that folks will enjoy this venture of my mind as it takes a walk about the world within my mind.

I welcome any comments that you wish to make and I ask that you are polite, if for no other reason, other than to avoid causing insult to others who may pass through.

Mountain Steam at Gougane Barra Forrest Park


Sitting on a boulder at the waters edge,
Watching the water lapping near a ledge.
Listening to nearby birds sing their song,
Here nothing appears to ever go wrong.

With little strife I wander through fields,
Now soft under my feet forming shields,
Of mud around my feet as I walk.
Solitude distances from the social talk.

The dragon awoken spreads the fear,
The media driven hype sounds clear.
Behind the curtain deceit lays in wait,
The ugly side of man now waits his fate.

The song of the blackbird fills the air,
Free from dragons reach without care.
Endless cycles of song disguises neatly,
The inner storms that rage on discreetly.

The mother at ease calms her crying child,
As rains fall washing through the streets wild.
A dog digs up an old bone to hide and chew,
I return to hear what's left for them to spew.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

For this one moment I wanted to state that the lines of this poem has been created to try and mimic any steps that one would take on such a stroll, sometimes laboured and sometimes free flowing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I am thankfull of all you visit here. My heartfelt blessings go out to all who continue to visit here. I pray that your days are full of blessings and that any sufferings are minor and with little strife.

Until next time, Please take care and look out for those who are in need of a little love at this time.

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