Where Shadows Dwell

Working with the methods of my last poem, I used similar situations as it were to strive to create a poem that arises from the hidden catacombs of my mind. Thus hiding within it, a number of issues that I wished to point out. BUT also wanted to let them lay unseen in ways, so the reader can uncover at their ease to chew upon.

I believe that a writer can pen a piece that lives on, thus creating a number of meanings that rest strongly in the minds and hearts. Often the intended meaning can become secondary as the reader thus adopts a meaning of their own from such a piece.

I do hope that you enjoy this piece and as usual I welcome any coments that folks may feel they should make. I do as I always do encourage you to do so politely.

Where Shadows Dwell

Cast a shadow o’er the pale moon light,
Sing your songs that pass the night.
Crest fallen crawl to where hero’s dwell,
For what you see here is just a shell.

Walk a road as shadows abide no more,
Where youthful ears recall tales of lore.
Death alone shall hide within the writers pen,
Whose words live beyond thus his den.

Come hear the harp and lyre combine tonight,
Shepherds sing a lonely taking flight.
Beyond the pale moon light embraced,
As shadows dance together becoming laced.

You no longer hear the angels sing, 
Never heard by lowly pauper or lofty king.
Hidden by the wings of your blind hate,
Left in silence darkness brings its fate.

Where does your hero’s go and dwell,
Or their gods which no name can spell.
Stand beneath the gallows tree hollow.
Excuses stand stronger for one to follow. 

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you again for taking time to visit and read this post. My poetry are intended to create an opportunity for thought, question and often insight to a viewpoint. Often such as in this case I write with a few items for thought and hide them beneath words. If a reader finds them or finds thoughts of their own, then It is considered a success.

That is Unless It is taken for encouragement and not for the evils that mankind can all too often take themselves to. My poetry never carries any thought that pushes one to a darkness that they can never return or even for a moment.

Until next time, Please stay safe and show a little loving care for someone who is in need of a friendly face in their midst.

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