An Ode to Those I Hurt

As in other ocasions I write either on issues that I see to be important to society or life itself. BUT on occasions I write on something closer to home. Life is like an ocean in which we sail, through storms that show horror that envelope our lives OR events that lead to divisions between those we hold dear. Words are like daggers that cut much deeper than we could ever realise until it is too late to stop the flow of that which is to come.

Words can be used in ignorant ways that cut through the being of those we care for and thus could burn bridges that may never be rebuilt from the ashes that remain of those same bridges. Thus actions also can lead to follow the same paths that words take us on when we use them in anger, hurt or any negative way.

I am not alone in saying that I have burned bridges, some through words used in anger, hurt or other ways. But when reaching a milestone in the ocean of life, I began to look back on the trail of ashes that I left in my path onwards to where I am at. Many were hurt and offended, some may never be resolved while others may require such as this poem today might begin a process that in the very least be in a better place than we left before. BUT also there are those no longer with us that carried to their graves a hurt or pain that such burned bridges will have cause.

This is the basis of todays poem. Which is by far way below the standard in which I like to present. BUT It carries something that needed to be left out there, IF for nothing else a means of releasing regret that burns through the soul for eternity. BUT for those I held dear IT is my ways of clearing from the ashes of burned bridges and saying words that can be hardest of all to state, I AM SORRY. How hard it is for mankind to state such small words yet utter words that cut deeper than most could realise could go.

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Ode to Those I Hurt

Spin the webs of life's deceit,
Await the fires stand the heat.
To those I hurt on hand regret.
Words can burn with little fret.

Drop the anchor calm the seas,
Life's too sweet to sail the breeze.
To those I hurt as bridges burned,
Life's seas has seen me turned.

Never one to wander back,
Watching daylight turn to black.
Recall the hurt ignorance bliss,
Bridges burned cannot use this.

Spinning words to make sense,
As darkness that enveloped thence. 
Still spin words to fill the gap,
To finally say My regret now fills the cap 

No words can state that being,
None written can rebuild now seeing.
To those hurt regret of heated words 
Where memory now cannot feed birds.

Brothers, Sisters I know not more but this,
Life can be such ignorant long flowing bliss.
Words cut deeper than most could know,
Nor sorrow enough to ever begin to show.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2021

Thank you for taking time to read this post. As I stated this is far below the standard which I desire to place for viewing BUT it carries something that needs to be left outthere. There is a whole lot that I could type or state on this topic as it fills with so much more than even I realised would even be held wihin.

As always I encourage any comments IF one feels needs to be made, BUT I ask as I will always do, to please be cautious of how we write words, as they can be offensive in other cultures even before we can begin to realise.

In finishing I will say forgive me for any typos that may occur, as I may miss out on some and will correct and update as I find them. Until next time please take care and show a little love this season to those who may be in need of a little love. Even a little smile in the right direction may make a huge difference.

Finally to those I hurt more than I could ever care to mention, sorry will never heal such hurt or regret will never reuild a bridge. BUT this post should show I have carried those words with me every day.

Until next time take care

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5 thoughts on “An Ode to Those I Hurt

  1. Pat, such an important and helpful post on this topic. As a child, my parents would say the standard ‘sticks and stones…’ cliche. It was their generation. We all know words can hurt, sometimes more than the sticks and stones.

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    1. It is very trueI grew up in a generation that pretty much ran with “sticks and stones” etc. But we so often find ourselves at times years on and regretis all that is left. Thus then the question is, do we let it be or clear the ashes with a sorry. etc..

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