When thinking on how Faith is looked upon in the western world and more so in a liberal society, we find that many are Indifferent. More so when it comes to Christianity either because of past sins in the established RCC or other churches. Or in some areas a basic hatred for those who stand within the boundaries of their faith.

This is the basis of todays poem. It is am attempt to explore the hatred and Indifferent attitude to the walk and voices of those whose views are opposed to theirs.

This is not a poem that is meant to point one side or the other BUT one that sets out to show the apparent hypocritical views of some in society.

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I hear the sound ring out loud,
Like it carried high on a cloud.
Their songs sing warm and true,
Whilst none yet appear blue.

Let their praise carry in the air,
There we pass without a care.
Stifled their voices in the crowd,
They do not walk as we so proud.

Stand in the gap they live in love,
Aware their call comes from above.
No dove may guide their way,
Nor any shipwrecked in the bay.

Faith is blind to uncaring minds,
Lost beneath a sea of different kinds
The stairway to heaven closed for repairs,
While they stand about splitting hairs.

Find them near hearts exposed,
The church and steeple may be closed.
We dance on their words indifferent,
Whilst standing firm we stay content.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2021

Thank you for taking time to read such a post. I am always humbled by the numbers passing through and those who post comments. I consider myself a poet, BUT not all my poetry are worthy of those greats who have gone before. Thus my heartfelt thanks to all who visit.

I hope that you found something worth thinking or pondering on in todays poem. I have placed a few little gems for thought within these lines. I hope that you can understand the views that I try to place in such poetry. This is the first time that I tried to place Faith from a neutral side not because I abandoined my faith, Because I remain as firm as I have always been. Nor is it because I seek to attack one segment of society BUT to show the hypocrisy that some hold firm to whilst voicing their own views. And Finally in an attempt to let pointers that hopes that society will eventually see that even though some may differ, we still are more alike than one would care to be.

Until next time please take stay safe and as always I ask that you look out for those who are in need of a little loving care. Please note that any typos will be corrected as I find them.

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