Winters Rose

As the dreary dull winter days roll on by, I began to ponder on the summers blooms. Even more so to the beautiful roses that appear to bloom brighter with the gentle caring hands of a gardner. Thus I began to consider a rose that blooms bright within a glass house as the dreary days moved on by. Such is the basis of todays poem.

Although a creation of my own mind, such is the beauty that could distract a passing mind as they go about their way. I do hope that you enjoy this little creation,

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Winters Rose

As the winter rains fall, 
I see it Standing tall.
Within a shield of glass,
When days come to pass.

Wandering by only to view,
Your beauty shine like new.
Blooms in the summers sun,
Out of season still no pun.

Shine bright my winter rose,
When all else but slows.
Radiant and out of reach,
None have heard your speech.

The winters sun shines bright,
Like the queens brave knight.
As he bows before her waiting,
To faithfully go beyond Stating.

Winters rose bright delight,
Light the darkest day bright.
Tell me how sweet your scent,
Behind the clear glass tent. 

© Pat Fitzgerald 2021

Thank you for taking some time to read this post. As always I welcome any comments that folks feel they should or wish to make. My only request is that you be polite as words and language can upset or insult when various cultures pass through the same areas.

Also at this point I want to send all a warm seasons greeting. And I pray that the coming year brings with it warmer, brighter year to come. Until next time, please stay safe and show a little love to those in need of some loving care.

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