Finding you can only wander aimless as thoughts capture themind as ifin chains. This is what seizes me in such days like this and why I seek to write about such times. It may not make much sence to many But yet it is reality. A day where one is caught is thoughts that chains the mind to wander aimlessly, until one manages to free and flee that aimless wander.


I survived another sleepless night,
Thinking of none but you so bright,
As the last and brightest star fades
The dawn brings a new days shades.

Walking lands where sleepers n’er stir.
When birds dare not wander through the air.
The silence broken by the sole call
Of a Blackbirds morning song that breaks the fall.

Whisper the name that dwells within
Like a hidden code that starts to spin,
Its web of unknown gestures and thoughts
To fill the endless void that compels loss.

Come the day when sun rises high to me,
Seize the day that frees you from thee,
Thoughts that capture your inner being 
Chains the self until one free turns to flee.

©Pat Fitzgerald 2021

As always when such times appear to caapture, one can strive to set themselves free from that which captivates them or remain a captive within that lonely prison.

Thank you for taking time for reading this, untile next time Please stay safe.

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