Chains That Bind

When one thinks of chains that bind. One has to assume that something or someone is captive. So often we as people hold our hearts captive, to fear, regret or a Lost love.

How does one overcome? One must release the chains that Bind. Such is the topic of Todays Poem. The Chains that Bind are restrictive and holds one back from their desire to dare to try.

Release the heart from the chains
That bind it, hidden from the plains
Of untold beauty, where one seeks
And yet of that which it spies, speaks. 

Wandering the desert of loneliness
Seeking the point when it Only Must
Unite in worldly pleasures that is Love
Floating on air it rests in realms above.

The chains that bind falls free
As the heart seeks to sail the sea
Of Love that a lifetime of battles 
Cannot hold back from life's travels.

Set free the desires that bind,
Release that which is held blind.
Dare to breathe the air it brings
Such tales are worthy of kings. 

©Patrick fitzgerald 2021

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