The need to strike whilst the iron is hot. That is something that override any relaxed aim to let the creative spark cool. Thus I return with another Poem.

Therefore I would love to share this poem with you all, fresh from the often over active imaginatin that is my mind.


Wondering what went wrong,
Who carries your heart song?
For you are the breath I take,
Still the beating of my heart awake.

Long the days have past us by
Yet the tears shed not gone dry.
The sands of time will still flow,
As thoughts return when feeling low.

The breath I take sits in days of old,
Singing songs that I will never hold.
The winters wind brings a charm,
Where memories no longer farm.

Pass through time my heart beat,
Sing again the songs that heat
The cold heart of its lonesome chill
Relive the days when Love flowed Sweet.

©Patrick Fitzgerald 2021 

As always I thank you for taking time to read these few words. I hope it brings with it a little inspiration to set a creative spark free and bring with it a work the world would need.

Until Next time Please take care and share a little love to those who struggle.

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5 thoughts on “Heartbeat

  1. 💜 As a Financially Poor Person My “Donation” is Sharing by ReBlogging; if YOU!!! Object to Me Sharing YOUR!!! Creativity then please Let Me Know and I WILL STOP!!! Sharing YOUR!!! Stuff


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