As the sun shines around me I sit pondering on why so many wish to speed the hands of time. Why so many wish to alter the road they walk. These questions are not a judgement, BUT a question why mankind seeks to make such changes.

This forms the basis of todays Poem. I do hope that you enjoy it as it is and maybe bring a cause to question the actions we take for granted in life.


Why the weeping willow stands alone,
In fields of green it sets the tone,
For wandering feet to rest for a while,
All unanswered sketches from an isle.

Why seek to rush the hands of time,
To clear the rain filled day of its rhyme.
Holding on to steer the road we walk,
To alter the path set, erase the chalk.

Why take the high road and walk alone,
Wandering paths all filled with stone,
Waiting for release of the animal within,
The time we see is there to begin.

The sands of time can not slow,
Or the raging rivers cease to flow.
Why Not live for what we see,
remain the unaltered state set free.  

Β©Pat Fitzgerald 2021

Thank you for taking time to visit and read this little poem. Until next time please stay safe and strive to make a strangers day a little brighter.

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