Loves Hymnal

The past couple of days I struggled with putting todays poem together, in a way that I was happy with. It has taken a couple of formats and changes but in the end the result is what Is found below.

All that I can say about this poem is that it is and has been intended as a love poem. Taken from not one BUT two different couples. One that dies through betrayal and the other new found love takes flight on its journey and adventure as it were. There is little else that I can write to describe the poem, except for the format of the poem differes lsightly from others I have written.

We have 3 stanzas of 4 lines as usual with a fourth stanza having 6 lines. I wanted to test this format, when a poem at first did not fit with 2 lines at end of the poem, Thus I settled in this setup for this poem. I do like to experiment a little and this one is no different.

Having said all of this Please enjoy:

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Loves Hymnal 

Silver and Gold can be sold one is told,
But behold a love ne’er cold breaks the mould.
Buying jewels of Gold, which compared thee,
On one knee he stops to plea with such glee.

Spurned he retreats through the streets regret meets,
Holding no receipts nor counting defeats.
Counting Chickens that ne’er hatched claim defeat,
Here no athlete can cross the street and cheat.

She takes a step and shakes heartbreak, her ache,
To make the call before the fall, her stake.
Another world see different eyes greet,
In disguise love takes flight yet so sweet.

Their eyes meet and flies skies of love the prize,
The night loneliness dies, hearts find new highs.
Beloved of hearts desires lighting fires,
In hearts forever combined, lovers choirs.
   Starlight shines for lovers eyes, where paths light,
In spite of the height love carries them bright.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2023

Thank you for visiting this page and yet spending time reading this post. I am thankful that so many enjoy, read and comment on my poetry. Which for me is a journey that for the past few years have become, one that I have enjoyed sharing with the world. Therefore thank you for joining me on this little journey.


On occasions Mistakes and typos make their way onto the finished and published post. This has never been on purpose but at times they miss my eye when editing posts. BUT rest assured I correct and update the posts the moment I discover any such mistakes. Yet some do take a little longer than other because I have or may not find them. Thank you for understanding this.


I welcome comments that folks decide to post. BUT I always ask that comments are in a Polite manner.

However I do misspell and will correct. IF YOU WISH TO POINT OUT MISTAKES, Please take into consideration that If I make mistakes they are not on purpose. Thank You for understanding any mistakes.

In finishing please stay safe and take care, also when possible show a little loving care to those about you in society who may be in need of such loving care. A little positive output in life is a great start for folks in a world hit with rushing about in their own world.

Until Next Time, Cheers.

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