How to find Archives

I’ve had a number of requests for archives, but due to my current Theme style I cannot add archives to menu system on top. Therefore until I find a new theme that is more suitable and easier to navigate, here is a quick outline on how to find archives on this blog.

From the homescreen of my blog, scroll down until you see the “older posts” button and the band at the bottom of the screen (on some screens the Band at bottom of screens may be Black as it is on mine).

On this band you will see a Calendar feature and a list of the months. The calendar feature will highlight the dates that I have posted whereas the list of months will take you to every post from that time. You can navigate Months on the calendar below the Month shown, it will display the previous month with 2 arrows, just click on there to view the month required..

I will be working on a new Theme layout style that works for all that I wish to place here. In the meantime this should work to find archives. My special thanks to My daughter Lizzie for her help in resolving this issue and for her help in creating / finding a new theme and layout.

If any wish to contact PLEASE EMAIL me at and I will reply as soon as I can.

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2 thoughts on “How to find Archives

    1. Oh dear. 😦 so sorry.I had enjoyed having someone share them. That wasall that remained from older writings… I lost what felt like a lifetimes worth a few years back.. I guess I better get to writing even more.


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