New Site Layout and Design

Hi follks, As you will find I have set up a new site layout and design. I will also be placing all of the poetry that I have shared here on this blog from the first one I posted quiet some time back. I will have to spend time over the coming days placing Poems into Categories and then into sub menu’s which should be a little easier in finding some of my older poetry. Already available under a sub menu are The sonnets that I posted back when I experimented with writing sonnets.

I will contimue to place poems into the new categories over the coming days. My thanks has to go out to my daughter who worked hard all day solving issues and the redesign that should work well for this site. Thank you to Lizzie an awesome job done for your da πŸ˜‰ !

Thank you to all for being understanding on this change. It should aid in finding archives. especially from the Month selection and list on right hand side of the page..

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