Humanity’s Blight

Following my last poem which covered the topic of Humanity in general, I felt driven to compose yet another along that same vein. But rather than one singl topic runing through the poem, I have set a number of topics that run through out the poem, or rather going from one topic to another etc… This is not a judgment of humanioty, BUT points out it’s failings or pit falls that can be seen today and sad to say for generations past.

Also I seek to point out how some may find being done through out this beautiful earth. That of class discrimination, that is in the case of those in need or a fear of catching something from those in need. Our task on this earth is also towards each other, do we do enough for those in our comunity that are in need. This is what I cover in todays poem. As usual these are what I call gems, questions or points that I hope causes us to ponder on…

Having said that I hope that you will enjoy this little piece. If only for reading sake alone.

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Humanity's Blight

The extension retracted begin again,
A starting gun misfired none remain.
Demons battle to bring the tide outside,
Where the riverbed has gone and dried.

You bring the beast it’s already there,
And battle for scraps at their masters care.
Feast at the feet where the hungry stand,
Compassion left on the last flight in hand.

Love has left on vacation come dance,
As the low of heart pass by not a chance.
Love your neighbour, but not all you cry,
Outcast beyond your status none apply.

Beyond the damn who stands be social,  
Conditions apply to join the band disposal.
Mountains on fire shall light the night,
Who will flood advancing flame in spite.  

Go now stand at hand your pay recalled,
Secure within the boundary that's now walled.
Safe to see your future will never be bright,
When we sit and feed a spreading blight.

Β© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for reading this post and I hope that you have found a few gems or at least one in which to ponder upon. If not I hope that you enjoyed the read and my wish is that such poetry found on blogs like this are well worth a visit and reading.

If you have a comment that you feel that you wish to make I welcome with an open heart, I only ask that comments are polite to avoid any insult that others may find. Language is the biggest cause foir insult and offence that majority never intend.

In finishing Please stay safe and take care, Also please show a thread of care for those in our community that may be in need. Until next time I wish you Pease, Health and Safety.

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