Following recent poems, I felt the need to create one that should at least come to you a little brighter and lighter. I wanted to create one from a mindset of winter awaiting the coming spring, or one resting in mental darkness waits the respite of the oncoming spring from mental darkness. A dual song of oncoming spring as it were that springs of hope and a desire to again walk unimpeded and free from the limitations set upon it from the winter , either the winter of the mind or winter of the ending year.

I do hope that this works and not only my blind wish or hope that sees this in this post. I hope this slight thought of hope appears as one worth the time to read such a post. Also I hope it frees me from the rather darker threads of thought that occupied my creative writings as of late.

Even though we sit in a summer that at least in Ireland today sees much cloud cover, I wish to clear the cloud cover as it were to my creative threads with something more brighter and lighter. Although not amongst my best It should do what I intend it to do in relation to my writings. Thus I await in hope that it does so also for those who read and find gems that are brighter.

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Standing by Yearning come sing,
Let your song sound the call of spring
Shut within your cage of glass silent,
Winters cloak covered all turned violent.

As clouds float past appear inconsiderate,
We wait the dawn of spring thus deliberate.
When the cloud of darkness shall lift,
In a land where dreams are set adrift.

Loose the bonds that bind restraining,
Fix eyes on the prize training.
To win the heart my silent song bird,
Those who spy hear not a word.

As rivers run their lonely course no fault,
And mountains fall to the sea no default.
Love will rise like new spring sun,
When spiders their new web spun.

Still sing again sweet song bird,
Sound the chorus of brighter days heard.
Await the days that sound your praise,
 And mankind again shall change its ways.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

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