Song of the Lonely

Today I say at my office desk peeking out at the passing world, and my heart became heavy as it were with the plight of those amongst us in society. Those whom we see each day, either interact or never spoken. Those we may know few or little about or those we never cared to know anything about. These are those who walk their days alone. They are the lonely, either with disguise painted to hide their pain or those who clearly can be seen.

This is the basis of todays poem, it is not meant as one dark and dim. But more as one to remind us to spread our caring wings to others about. Where with hope some will find a light that may end their lonely walk. Filled as it were in the past I managed to brush this topic aside, until I could not avoid any more, but pen their song as it were. The song no one wishes to hear, the song of the lonely.

With coffee in hand I sit typing this with the melody of a guitar solo souding in the background. This is the setting from which I compose this poem, a song as it were, that now I hope will rest amongst the others that I publish on this page. Please enjoy.

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Song of the Lonely

Oh eyes without a smile awaiting sunrise,
From whence no one can hear your cries.
With your painted mask strive to hide,
Come hear the song of the lonely guide.

Stars you count are tears encased within,
Abandoned where tales see can yet begin.
With empty nest you walk days alone,
Like windswept streets find yourself blown. 

Rivers that flow can hide your tears,
Then all can see happiness near affairs.
There you sit aside from peeking eyes,
And sing the song of the lonely in disguise.

In crowds that walk the city streets keen,
Wander the isles amongst the battered scene.
Solitary you sit unaided by smiling faces,
The song is heard in all your living places.

Come search the streets they can be seen,
The song comes from the pauper or queen.
Who cares? Who hears the song of the Lonely?
Somewhere you see one who sits is one and only.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

As always I thank you for taking time out to read this post. I hope that it has proven to be a fruitful one. And in the least that you leave this page with a gem or two that have settled with you. Or maybe you have found a poem that has been useful to share at some point etc.

If you have a comment that you feel that you wish to make, I welcome with an open heart. But as I always do I ask that any comments are made in a polite manner, this is to avoid any insult that some may find from words within such comments. I ask this not for my own sake BUT to avoid having anything on this page be what could potentially be an insult for others.

Before I finish, I may and indeed do so at ntimes, publish the post with typos inclusive. I always correct and update as soon as I find any, which are all unintendedbut appears a common thread of mine. In ending Please take care, stay safe and when the opportunity arises, Please try top show a little loving care to those in need at this time.

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