Humanity Awaken

Over the past number of days I have been in contemplation on how Humanity has turned as it appears to its ugly uncaring side. We live in a time when showing compassion becomes almost the incorrect thing for one to do. There appears to be a force as it were within humanity that would rather not show compassion or care of any form to those who are in need of such.

This is the bones as it were of todays poem. The ugliness of humanity shows brightly with pride whilst our needy, our low of heart and pushed aside with uncaring force that shames me. It should shame any person when our needy, our low of heart when our YOU NAME IT are pushed aside for greed and for basic uncaring desires.

I do hope that you at the very least enjoy this little poem. At the very least I hope that this provides a gem or two in which to chew upon. Hunanity needy to wake from its slumber and display its beautiful side once more.

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Humanity Awaken

Exaggerate given goals at hand,
Stand tall amongst the band.
Wolf in sheep clothing awaiting,
Effect the heartless cost abating.

Stand aside for the solo prayer,
Lost amongst the scores that scare.
Humanity a beast cares the least,
Rush home for the coming feast.

Wildly raise the black sails high,
Oh caring heart the call comply.
No time to display compassion,
Such is now reserved for fashion. 

Seated amongst the hungry hoards,
Badges flashed for your coming lords.
Humanity now forgets her needy,
Show compassion seen as greedy.

Humanity forgets her low of heart,
While those in need a class apart.
Wake the classes strike the gong,
Humanity awaken right her wrong.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022 

Thank you for taking time to read this little post, I hope that it has provided a little enjoyment or food for thought for you at this point. Like all of my writings they may be filled with thoughts and feelings that are seen through the eyes of one walking the streets as it were. But most of all they are meant to provide food for thought, to provide questions that we need to ask of ourselves.

If you have a comment that you feel the need to make, I welcome it but ask however that you do so in a polite manner. This is to avoid any insult that language so often does amongst mankind.

Until next time please stay safe and take care. I ask folks as I always do please take time out of busy days to show a little loving care to those who may appear to be in need of a little loving care. The least action may be the largest action to provide help and compassion nneeded in a days walk.

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