Why Wait?

A brief thought of mine from time to time is a question, How Many have ventured beyond the concrete Jungle of our Towns and Cities? How many have ventured to the country side, to find areas where one could experience Nature buzzing all about them? How many have dared to stop, Look about at the little life busy about? How many dared listen to the life sing its song and what we see as nature sings its own life song?

This is the backdrop as it were for todays poem. An encouragementto notice before it is too late. How long is left before that life disappears from existence about you? Before the concrete jungle swallows up natures garden as it were. Spending time to visit areas where the tiny aspects of life carries one about us.

Spending time in such an area where we can enjoy the beauty that for many has been forgotten. I hope that many will find enjoyment in this following poem.

Pollen Counts High A Bee was busy at work

Why Wait?

Hear the songbird sing proud,
Natures opera resounds unbowed.
Beyond the veil of cities lights,
Where growth reaches new heights.

See the spider silently its web to weave,
Labours beyond our care yet ever conceive.
The honey bee within its universe strive,
How life works beyond our eyes thrive.

Travel past your hearts song existence, 
Dare to be prepare to go the distance.
Nature’s song beyond the rise awaiting,
You eyes to bask in the glory about locating.

The fire in their eyes is no disguise,
For streamlined painted rows concrete rise.
Fires burn beyond the hill green destruction,
Where society burns with social seduction.

Sands of time slip by token gestures,
Social ignorance lonely despair vestures.
Run the race before the final gun sounds,
The right time may already have run rounds.

Β©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022   

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