Following recent trends of mine, I began to write a little more from the use of a couple of words to complete a cycle of creation that results again in a poem. My hope is that it ended with a poem that entertains and thus also finds a home.

A poem filled with words that may never make sense has become an interest and a curiosity that has me wondering how the finished product will be received. Or will the final product fall flat at this hurdle of creation and writing.

I cannot create an explaination that cuts deep into the soul of the reader that will also explain why it was written and for whom or what the core reason was etc. The reality is it was created from a starting point of a couple of words that fitted into this end result of a poem.

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Reverse psychology inbound again,
Strike the band catch a train.
Switching track to fit the pace,
Double standard to win a race.

Momentum gathers on common ground,
Rivers run, can one man drown?
When the race was already to be won,
Or the wheel of fortune clearly spun.

Release the hounds from the gilded lair,
Can one no longer spare a care.
The vase shattered a thousand dreams,
When few will listen to the schemes.

Save a pound when it weighs a ton,
To lift the gate for the starting gun.
Style defence for failing attack once,
They can figure which is the dunce.

See some shattered glass upon the fence,
Where once you sat as troubles were tense.
Sound out clear as the cockerel calls,
Thus begin the day behind the guarded walls.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time out to read this post. I hope that this poem has been a little entertaining. Although it is far from becomming one of my favorites, Ihave enjoyed the process. BUT I remain curious to discover how many have enjoyed this one. I can become very critical with this finished product, but then I will be same with most of my writings.

If you have a comment that you wish to make, I will welcome with an open heart. BUT I ask as I always do, that you do so politely. This is to avoid any insult that visitors may find. Because language is the largest cause for division etc.

Until next time, Please stay safe and take care. Also look out for those who may be in need of some loving care at this time.

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2 thoughts on “Momentum

  1. “Switching track to fit the pace, Double standard to win a race.” Highlights the issue of the current human race.
    We are not uniform pegs on which clothes can be hung. Conformity is as community for the general well being? Yes! Conformity to a singular idea? No!
    We are thinkers not boxed individuals.

    “Momentum gathers on common ground,
    Rivers run, can one man drown?”, Excellent question, Pat!

    Keep that thinking hat on and keep wearing words! Goodluck!

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