Obsolete Extensions

Sitting at my office desk with music playing, working on todays poem, I eventually ended up with one that brought a few questions to my mind. I love how often my own poetry gets me asking questions. The end result had me asking questions of myself and this finished product. Thus todays poem has me waiting in hope that folks will enjoy, be entertained and maybe even find a few gems for thought here with this post.

The starting point of todays poem was a few words that I felt would find themselves within the lines of a poem. I know some writers follow that route and today I find myself well within this road. I wish I could trype a long drawn out set of reasons behind todays poem. BUT sadly there is very little, thus todays poem was composed on the back of a few words. I hope that folks get to enjoy this.

Photo by Photography Maghradze PH on Pexels.com

Obsolete extensions 

Obsolete extensions wasting time,
Bleeding footnotes not worth the climb.
Fragrance filled rooms occupies senses,
Of a cluttered life beyond painted fences.

A dozen thoughts freed restraints,
Once hidden from those who paints.
The inner sanctum of the vacant soul,
Standing on the verge of another roll.

Running for a new tomorrow borrowed,
From the dreams withheld and coded.
Inside the gardens of creations mind,
Free from the weeds another left behind.

Singing songs none heard before,
Whispering secrets an untold door. 
Locked beyond the gardeners hut,
Where the hand made stream cut.

Mainstream designs of future dreams,
Uncut hedgerows hide silent streams.
Bring the moment stem the flow,
Street lights forever stand aglow.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022 


Thank you for taking time to read this post, I do hope that you have found this a worth while visit and that you have found some entertainment or a few little gems for thought within the lines of this poem.

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6 thoughts on “Obsolete Extensions

  1. That is what writing does to you Pat, poetry even more so. The questions are always swirling in my mind and from that originate many ideas and a need to express oneself. Sometimes they are in your face and sometimes they are silent and sneak up on you.

    I loved your poem! It’s the kind which one can revisit many times. The featured pic is brilliant!

    My favourite lines – “Running for a new tomorrow borrowed,
    From the dreams withheld and coded.”

    Liked by 1 person

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