Twilight Musings

I am certain that most of us have those days that find us wandering off in thoughts to a time long gone by, as the warmth of a day comes to a close. If not It is one of those occasions that had me wandering and thus creating a poem to mark that journey of thought, through the maze that has become my mind.

Such wandering of thoughts are what I feel helps move my creative juices as it were to flow in directions that result in writings like the one within this post. days that have past cannot be relived, BUT the memories of such days help in our journeys through days that may never find a common link. I am one that finds myself wandering in thought, therefore creating poetry that finds life from such thoughts makes those times almost worth while.

I hope that such jopurneys finds a level of entertainment within the lines of poems such as the one below. Enjoy the read, such is my wish..

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Twilight Musings

Twilight glowing softly across the sky,
Combined with merging notions to apply,
As the warmth in the air evident about,
Lovers disappear slowly without a shout.

Three is a crowd soon becomes clear,
Solo footsteps wander away without fear.
Quickly my mind wandered to other days,
When youthful minds were less of a maze.

Wander slowly ever free sequenced mime, 
complete the cycle forever lost in time.
The muddled maze that became my mind,
Mangled carnage of a twisted wreck in kind.

The pen gathers dust amongst cobwebs,
Soon providing home to yet unseen celebs.
A variety that for a moment brought respite,
From musings that carried me away almost finite.

Lower the drawbridge of the mind,
Release the thoughts that appeared twined.
By the memory of your loving embrace,
Locked within the cavern of what used to be space.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking some time from your day to read this post. I hope that this has proven to be worth you time and that you have found either entertainment or a few gems within the lines of this poem.

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Until next time thank you for visiting, take care and look out for those who may be in need of a little loving care at this time.

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