Who Stands a Prayer?

After a week that saw me feeling a little bit under the weather, has hindered me in finding my usual source of poetic inspiration. But I began to consider how a portion of society marches and parades themselves about with an air of superiority and false displays of care for their fellow man. One can deny they exist, and one can wander on by yet never see this rotting within society.

This sence of superiority is not evident within an elite class as such. But More so evident within the hearts of us all! Each of us march and parades about each day with this same sence of superiority. We look down on those we view as lesser than us almost with disdain, until we meet similar fates as those we look so distastefully on.

This is the bones of todays poem, One that questions deep within our hearts. One which digs truly deep within and seeks to question us how we truly actually stand and look at our fellow man (I say man in relation to each gender). Sometimes we need to question ourselves where we truly stand within society.

Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

Who Stands a Prayer?

To walk on the dark side of the moon,
And discover we arrived there too soon.
Break the bank retrieve the last penny,
Saved for a rainy day fund never many.

Contested tears o’er broken hearts,
Forgotten beyond a trail of bit parts.
Dive for dinner in fields of daffodil’s,
Sweetly felt more appealing and less trills.

Dine on over-populated rhetoric reused,
Ignore the river where the ego bruised.
Sing songs to forget your inflated strife,
Stand with backs against a wall as life.

Blow your trumpets announce the pending,
Movement of your golden throne now blending.
With your over altered pride that bleeds,
From posters bright that no one ever reads.

You stand on soapboxes set for elite bright,
Look on down from your gilded height.
Safe to see black heart can never care,
Prove eternity wrong who stands a prayer?

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking some time out from your day to read this little post. I hope that within these lines that you have found in the very least a few gems that have proven to be useful. Or in the least of things that you have found someting a little entertaining and something that incites a little thought within.

If you have a comment that you feel that you wish to make, I welcome with an open heart. BUT I ask as I always do, that you do so in a polite manner, thus to avoid causing insult to those who may find insult within our words.

Please note that my posts can often appear with typos and I correct and update as soon as I become aware of such typos. Thus I ask for forgiveness for any that I have missed in publication of this post.

Until next time Please take care and stay safe, Also Try to show a little threade of care for those about us who may be in need of a little loving care at this time..

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