Taking time out from my usual routine in which I compose poetry, I have again composed todays poem which as I have stated is a step away from my usual routine.. This had more to do with a bug doing rounds at home. Much like that last poem, it began with a couple of words that I believed would help formulate a completed poem.

Again this poem was not composed with a solid topic in mind, but any topic folks may find witin the lines of this poem, Is not intentional. BUT a part of the fun that is poetry. What we can compose without a solid plan at points.

It will never be the how I compose poetry for its complete package. But on occasions I do things this way.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Deviate from course thus confirmed,
Meander through pastures affirmed.
Crush the sediment predefined within,
Await for the moment to yet begin.

Mangled wreckage interweave aimless,
Outside the realms we see nameless.
The lonely child at play unaware why,
The threshold of care dissipates a sigh.

Begin the narrative explain the deeds,
The heart that cares no longer bleeds.
Why we seek but fail to find the source,
Drink the water but drain the resource.

Pained to subtract the force now riveted,
Losing the rat race becomes pivoted.
Drain the oceans for what you feel begin,
The hidden scene that never tells when.

Spontaneous gestures spoiled to state,
Whatever yet lays within our plate.
Count the cost that fills and lists outside,
One forgotten tale taken now in stride.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022  

Thank you for taking time out to read this post, If you have a comment that you feel that you need to make, I welcome it. But I ask thatyou do so in a polite manner, Not for my own sake or reasons, But to avoid causing insult to those who may visit this page. As language can often cause more insult than any other deeds in life.

Until next time, Please take care, stay safe and look out for those who you feel need a little more loving care at this time.

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