Hi, Before I wander much in my thoughts and poetic attempts. I am struggling to get used to this knew editing setup I am faced with, So I beg forrgiveness for any typos that I may miss. I am never one for change and especially in an area I find comfort to work in. Thus this new editing setup has me struggling to even Like it.

Now on with todays musings. We are often faced in these days of media dictation or so it seems as we are for most part guided by the media in its attempt to guide ones mind and thoughts to their own ends. This is the basis for todays Poem. That which we lose in following the diction of the meia will be lost for coming generations.

That which we learned from will now be remnants of a forgotten tale and time. I am independant minded in what I believe and hold to. I fear that much of what makes society so interestingly curious will be in danger of the Life support of time. Can we as people afford to lose such from our midst as technology is used to mould that which was moulded by generations of historic teachings.


Bind behind thoughts that hinder

the roads that carry our loads.

Find the cords set loose the Minder

To save what is Lost on life’s roads

Building banks not for cash

But save the sanity that’s lost

In the waves of media hype’s bash

Unknown the cost of what is lost.

We wait struggling to save the little Mind

For a moment of respite to count the cost.

freedoms thought and lust for life’s kind

Listing in the ocean of all that is lost.

Independent irrelevant the undercurrent of rivers flow

For days of old no longer known to those who seek to know.

©Pat fitzgerald 2020

As always thank you for taking time to visit and read this.. As always until next time stay safe and keep well.

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