In days that see Media Hype and even expose at most the negative rather than the positive to serve their goals that again often misguide the viewer from their intended goals in achieving what could be an intended Goal in their walk in Life. Thus below is my poem that stakes a little view or take on the confusion that media hype can bring to normality of life.

Do we believe the hype? Or do we continue to finish the race that we set to run, in carrying out a simple task in this walk in Life. As with everything today we are ruled by media hypeing one end of a tale that seeks to guide the viewers to the end road that media seeks to steer viewers to. Be it in Politics, in Faith or Lack of faith, in Health or any other area in our walk in Life we as people are losing our creative bite to the media hype. Thus the poem beloe is my


Sitting staring at untold tales

That exposed my silent thought

To stars a cause to blow like gales

Rampant in fears that which I fought.


Longing Loving to clear the tide of fear

That carried the flames that burned

the unquinched thirst for Life Near

to the extinct realms which it churned.


Boldly believe the hype that steers

To cage you towards the endless trek

Else stay the course allay the fears

That keeps you from the roads your trek


Steer Safely from the dragons Claws

That keeps you within the chains that Hype .

© Pat Fitzgerald 2020

I am challenging fellow poets to write their take on this topic. Whether you agree or disagree with my take. Whether you agree that Media guids our life or disagree.. The field is wide and I sit and wait to see how others feel.

Thank you for visiting, until next time please stay safe.

5 thoughts on “Exposure.

  1. I hope your readers respond to the challenge. I have written a book showing how the media’s exploitative behaviour makes it vulnerable to exploitation. And how support systems for these falsified truths can be falsified. The motivating factor is greed and so is the desire on the part of the viewing audience to escape accountability. There are plenty of events you can point to our world today where people can focus their anger instead of looking for pathways to growth. It’s hard to do, so everyone reaches for low hanging fruit.

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  2. I had to edit the post as part of the poem was lost in posting and messed up as I usually like to have my poems appear. BUT I agree, I hope folks respond as I am curious to see the different view points on this.


  3. Hi Pat , it’s a fab poem and you are quite right I do believe media can have an such a negative impact and that people can be taken in by what they read or see. How easily people can beilives and think it’s the truth without actually moving if the source has given the correct information .
    It’s why my househokdbhas taken to switch off news , anything political, Especially in these times the whole world finds it’s self in . I think it drives alit of anger in the world

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    1. I have avoided all news from the usual sources for quiet some time, just catching up on what is needed. But with grown up children One relays the news which is good enough for me and I manage to escape the Media from that. I admire your families stance in switching news etc off.. all the best.


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