Encased Heart

I have spent the past couple of days striving to place the topic of Faith into poem. Whether that Faith is set within one religion or another OR within one’s own private walk, it matters little, because the general message found within the poem is meant for you. NOT meant as an insult or to question your walk BUTas much of my poetry it is set to question how you react or indeed act towards your felow mankind (male or female).

I have found and seen over years that there are those who declare such a faith or system of belief and yet their walk in life does not reflect such. Especially in their actions towards their fellow mankind. Rather like a man who preaches hell fire and brimstone on a sunday and then does all that he preaches against for the rest of the week. Also much like the person who seeks so much good on their fellow man and results in doing evil on them behind the scene. As an old statement goes, “Walk the walk and do the deeds”.

Such is the basic bones of todays poem, But much are hidden within the lines of the poem and should take reading to discover them. BUT Please DO NOT take insult on what is written as it is NOT MEANT to attack etc.

Photo by Hernan Pauccara on Pexels.com

Encased Heart

User defined stepped in time,
Set pace thus begin the climb.
Trek beyond the waiting call,
Over mountains big and small.

Declare your Lord trust above,
Finding peace and a little Love.
Divide by three yet some more,
Find the splinter fail to soar.

Clear the beam missed by many,
Walk o’er your fellow man two a penny.
Subscription free yet now denied,
Your cry was heard still you hide.

Wisdom is plenty beneath ashes,
Of those burned for your clashes.
Finding fault ever keen hide cracks,
Deeds uncovered ancient tracks.

Melt the ice that encased your heart,
Charity begins closer still can start.
Yet which you worship ever most,
You Lord revealed but life's host.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time to read this poem, I hope that you found entertainment or a couple of little gems of thought in which to chew over. I usually try to ster clear of direct matters of faith thus directly seeking to discuss Faith etc within a poem. BUT on this occasion I did what I could and yet strived to disguise moments of thought as it were within the lines of the above poem.

If you wish to comment I welcome But ask that any comment are made in a polite manner. This is to avoid any insult some may find within this post. In finioshing, I often post with osme typos or mistakes, which I correct and update when I discover any, therefore I ask for forgiveness for any such mistakes. Until next time Please take care and stay safe. Also when possible try to show a little loving cart to those within your society.

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4 thoughts on “Encased Heart

  1. Just one thing to add. What I very much appreciated about Socrates was, when he realized what truly was, he shared, and when he discovered many who hated him because of their own inner problems, he continued to share, for he was only interested in what truly is.

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