Loves Impression

Over the past two days I strived to write a poem that tells of one simple feeling, one simple thing that most desire, yet one thing that brings happiness throughout many. That being a four letter word called LOVE. Therefore no bright worded cover story will benefit this. No back story will make difference of what will explain. Yet Love is what drives us all. OR at least it should be what drives us.

Even though many are driven by financial deeds and expectations, it is love of that financial benefit that drives. Therefore still love drives us all with ease. Even if we have yet to find love, the knowledge that such a love awaits when you beak through the forrest of darkness that hid us from such love. This is the best that I can do for a back story or cover story to build up for a poem on Love..

I hope and pray that you enjoy this poem and It is my desire to write (as I have with this poem) to write of such issues from outside the box as it were. Please enjoy.

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Loves Impression

Here flooding fever like through, 
The avenues of my heart grew,
Memories like an artists impression,
Painted with little aggression.

Haunting daily walks with ease,
Captured forever on my knees,
Declaring without limit undying love,
Covering my heart like a glove.

Possessing the map of my heart,
Blinding me with beauty no chart,
That keeps without fail reliant,
Like a rebel losing yet defiant.

The pathways of our love combine,
Yet merge for a time and yet dine,
On your sweet nectar from above,
May I walk yet run, yet jump yet shove.

Forever free to roam as hearts delight,
Never lost be my souls desire bright,
Be my guide a shepherds flame within,
Keep me near thus we best now begin.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022


Thank you for taking the time to read this poem. It is my hope that you have enjoyed this or at least have found some entertainment in this. Writing this poem has been an experiment that I hope has workedor at least brings benefit for some.

If you or anyone has a comment that you feel should be made I welcome with an open heart, but I ask however that you do so in a polite manner, this is to avoid any insult etc that some may find within words that otherwise may not be meant for such.

In finishing, please forgive any typos or mistakes that may be found as I am known to publish with mistakes visable, BUT I do correct and update as soonas I discover any mistakes. Until next time, please stay safe, take care and when possible do try to show a little loving care to someone who may be in need of such guestures at this time.

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