Ode to Lost Youth

Have you ever wondered how many wish they could relive their youth? Have you ever thought how and what you would do different? Rather than living days you have and looking back at youth you mourn your lost youth. Have you desired a second shot? Why not complete the life you have before you mourn the youth that passed you by. Youth today will be at your point tomorrow.

This is the basis of todays poem, a battle within that has many seeking to relive a lost youth. Or wishing they could thus forgetting the life they have at hand. Why swim in a pool of spilled millk, when you could pick up at points where your life means something. Such are the thoughts I wish to set aside for folks as they read this poem.

Either way I wish that folks read this post and find enjoyment within the words of this poem.

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Ode to Lost Youth

Regret reaches heights few know,
Beyond the paths where none show.
Delivering eulogies for wasted youth,
Before one lost their remaining tooth.

Prime numbers counted to reveal,
A nest as all combine and sit with zeal.
Compete for measures looking back,
Waiting for youth to return, such crack.

Defining riches of life's expanse,
Ploughing life without a glance.
Memories foothold holding firm,
Through storms filled to go full term.

Relive races long since past compiled,
Restarting races to continue traces wild.
Blow the fuses cut the cords outside,
Living chances beyond the schemes wide.

Destination deserted beyond a point,
Restarting subsequent yet failed at joint.
Life’s desert beyond your common hold,
None else lives the state you let cold.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022 

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