Following a time spend listening to conversations surrounding the topic of words that are rare in poetry today, I found myself taking on a task to use a few words that I do not see very often in poetry. Therefore no great background story exists Or any great insight that arose from ashes of words constructed aoutsidethe norms. Basically said, I set about writing a poem set around words rather than setting a poem around a topic and hide thus within.

The following poem is such an attempt that I hope makes the mark and meets approval of those who read this post. I am one who likes to experiment with poetry and the use of words, mostly for my own entertainment and it makes for a method of distraction from the negative impoact this world likes to spin on folks.

I do hope that people enjoy this little post and the poem within. It is meant to be a rather fun way of playing with words and testing to see how they fit into poetry. If they find their way to show gems or any other form of insight for people, It is pure incidental on my behalf. I hope that you do enjoy this poem.

Photo by Dids on Pexels.com


External elements combine to bridge,
The void yet cease reach the ridge.
Wolves howl clear in the midnight hour,
Strike fear and control within their tower.

With bridle attached follow commands,
Less humanity at the core now stands.
Light up the night before the dawn,
Weigh deeds account the loss spawn.

The hidden ear now deaf to struggle cries,
Duplicity set to earn its crown they agonize.
Double dealing fortune skies laid bare,
Betwixt self made prisons and the goal dare.

Scandalize saintly gestures wide for all,
Seize the moment pay the cost or stall.
Fellowship of mellow kinds lost for words,
Whilst mankind sheep worthless vibes in thirds.

Greed controls purse strings flair with tides,
Await the lesson before it ends for brides.
We wet the whistle yet fail to sing the song,
Few yet proves a victor stands above strong.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time out to read this post, I hope that it has proven to be of benefit and worth the read. If you or anyone feels that they need to comment, I welcome with an open heart, but as I always do I ask that you do so in a polite manner, not for my own sake or feelings, BUT to avoid causing insult to any passing through this page.

In typing this post I am prone to mistakes and typos and I ask for forgiveness for such mistakes when they happen. I do correct and update when I discover them, But sadly some still find their way beyond my spotting any. Also it is important to note that some photogreaphs I use on blog posts such as the one in this one are from other sources and such photographs are credited to those who hold such copyrite and credit etc.

In ending, Until next time, please take care and stay safe. I ask that when possible that you shopw a little kindness and love to others in need. This world needs more of such love and guestures in society.

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