Passions Fires

I have been considering how one could explain or introduce a poem that carries such a title as the one here. When one considers this title one will most likely result in the same conclusion, a Poem of sexual passion etc. One may indeed be correct and then again one may be off track. But todays poem is titled Passions Fires, yet the poem could be read as the force that nature (if one calls it nature or creation etc, but here we will use the term nature.) reaches to grounds abandoned by mankind and reclaims. And yet again it could be read as a form of force that releases as two hearts connect in passion.

This is where todays poem is set, I have tried to combine both into one poem, whether I have succeeded or failed, I shall let that to the readers to debate amongst themselves as it were. But most of all I wish that it is an entertaining piece of creation thatat the very least will bring a few moments of wandering through your minds in thought.

Having said this much Please enjoy the poem below.

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Passions Fires

Following lane ways overgrown,
As nature reclaims where man disown.
Tenderness applied changes course,
When turnabout and fair play are in force.

Recalling fractions that multiplied twice,
Divided by intimacy that grasps such price.
The threads of loves bleeding heart,
The race which runs two who crave a start.

The road elevates thus reaches views,
Hear the sirens that resound or abuse.
Sell the chronicle of loves lost desires,
Thus find the remains of once crossed wires.

Beat the warriors drums sound the call,
The battle of loves desires scale the wall.
Once defeated scramble relight the fires,
The chill of the night approaches and acquires.

Blending bloodied desires to entertain,
Passions of lovers perspire yet unfold again.
Nature reclaimed never abandon to disown,
Fires within her created or natural shown.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

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