All Lives Matter

Rather than post a poem or a couple of photographs as I would normally do, I wanted to address a topic that The Media appears to put as number one focus. Not that of Hunger, starvation, nor that of Unjust War Or any form of War, because what war is just.  Neither is it this … Continue reading All Lives Matter

More from Photography Archives

Following recent posts of mine, these few shots are from 2019 during a visit to Fota Wildlife Park in County Cork (Ireland)   Not a lot can be said about this , except how well animals are looked after here and how majestic each animal is.     As we come out of Lock down … Continue reading More from Photography Archives

Some New Creations

Greeting,  It has been a number of days since i shared a couple of poems. When I came to write this  post, I only had one to share therefore I decided to experiment and write one as I composed this Blog. The first poem below is that attempt and would welcome any  thoughts on this... … Continue reading Some New Creations

Lockdown Photography

  During this lockdown and with a permitted exercise zone of 2klm  for much of it There was always going to be a time and space for a little photography. Enjoy these few shots and if you have any comments feel free to let us know.. There is not much to say on these shots, … Continue reading Lockdown Photography

Referendums, Divisions and Thoughts

Hi, it's been a number of weeks since last posting and things have been hectic. Here in Ireland there has been a very divisive referendum on the issue of abortion. Having been unique as a nation Ireland had in it's constitution a protection both for the unborn child and the mother. But for many liberal … Continue reading Referendums, Divisions and Thoughts

Experimenting with Photography

In recent years I became interested in doing a little Photography. But not from any particular area, but merely an experimental type situation. Almost resembling art in some people's eyes. I do not consider myself in any way knowledge in this field. But it has become fun to do such photography with family. I even … Continue reading Experimenting with Photography

Death of a Generation

Have you ever sat and looked at the current generation? Have you ever asked "how did we as people get to this..?" I believe that all get to asked some related question on at least one occasion in their lives. But gazing at a generation of a nation or people in general can become a … Continue reading Death of a Generation

To Rant or Not to Rant

Introduction Greetings, There are personal benefits for my taking to the Blogging world, Most of which are for my sanity....Rather than ramble on about who I am etc etc.. This is where the fun begins... Mental Health is sadly a topic that successive Governments in Ireland would rather forget about and let lie in the … Continue reading To Rant or Not to Rant