All Lives Matter

Rather than post a poem or a couple of photographs as I would normally do, I wanted to address a topic that The Media appears to put as number one focus. Not that of Hunger, starvation, nor that of Unjust War Or any form of War, because what war is just.  Neither is it this COVID 19 that spread throughout the Globe,  and it is not anything to do with a Cure for any of the countless diseases that curse mankind.  BUT that of BLACK LIVES MATTER.


This whole debacle that occurred in recent times has been covered by Media throughout the Globe,  possibly in an effort to rid the Globe of Racial prejudice. I suspect for many media it has more to do with selling their content than addressing an issue at hand. Or for some it has more to do with hammering a Leader of State.


Therefore where does one begin?  The  reasoning that the Media use for their stories will always be theirs to deal with. I cannot change anyone’s mind in any issue, even if I wanted to. That has to come from the person who listens or reads my opinions.  Society today has  a growing Liberalized  mentality  where official standards say that ” all  are entitled to their View” But only one view will be right and that is “OUR ” view. There is a refusal at times  in society to permit an alternative view to our own  to even be heard.   Regardless of whether one is Liberal, Conservative, Socialist or Communist It should not matter.  This statement in itself may cause people to disagree, But What matters in this World is HOW we Deal with each other. How we deal with the differences we discover in each other.


Do we allow ourselves to be driven by the opinion of Media? Or do we form our opinions on what lies within us and about us in society? Media in this age are striving to form the opinions of those who read their publications.  We as people are formed in our opinions through such mediums as Movies,  Music and Literature to name but a few. The Views of Person B may never agree with My views nor will the Views of Person A agree with  Person C.  Such is the way of things that we are programmed to believe.


I cannot change anyone’s opinion on any topic. BUT I can state what I believe, I can and will also respect the beliefs of others even if that belief would be despised by other views. I am a Christian, a Bible believing, and one could almost say a card holding believer. I am in Fact a Christian , One who Believes in Christ Jesus . I  dedicated my life to Him and such a Faith as it were.  BUT I cannot nor will I  Cause insult on anyone who believes in something else. I cannot nor will I willingly insult the Faith of others or their Chosen Religion.  BUT the way of society for so long for many of us is to Despise that which is alien to our beliefs.


The same happens when it comes to race, the Color or appearance of our skin etc.  If one were to read a Book, does one go merely because the cover looks pretty? Or does one avoid reading a certain book because it has the wrong color? If I were to distribute a  Book to a number of people and cover that same book in a variety of colors. Does that or in fact Would that dictate how we accept what the Book tells us within its covers? Surely it is what lies within its covers that matters most. as a writer It is the content of the writing that matters rather than its cover..  This is my means of saying it does NOT MATTER what color a person may be, it does not matter what Race they are, nor their religious OR Political beliefs. I do not not will I willingly try to Judge a person on anything else But what lies within. What is the content of your life’s story? If your life was a Novel, or a piece of poetry or a Photograph. What does it tell?  I would hope that mine does not Judge on Color, mine will not say one skin color over another.



How we live our lives will be the reading of our Life’s Novel. Therefore do you permit your life , your Novel to be dictated by others?  I try to live my life as I believe to be correct and according to The Bible as I see it. If that goes against the views of others then so be it.. BUT I can never stand and hail one race or one skin color above another.


I learn and adjust my views when I see that I have been wrong. Surely that is a decent way to go by.


That is all for now, Until next time, Stay Safe..



5 thoughts on “All Lives Matter

  1. A specific statement is not an exclusive statement in like, any language, since that’s not how cognition works. If I say I like fries, that doesn’t I’m excluding every other edible thing from the grace of my likeness.
    Saying Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean that other lives don’t matter, nor does it mean black lives matter more, but black lives are being disproportionately affected by police brutality, thus, BLM is the reactionary movement to that violence. I think it’s quite simple to follow, Pat.

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  2. Thank you for your comment. My only reply is that The brutality was on Rioters side as it were when an elderly 77yr old retired Police Officer died protecting a friends store… It is a very sad part of life these days that any excuse for violence is jumped upon by certain segments of society, purely for the reason of creating havoc and destruction.. What happened on ALL sides was wrong. BUT two wrongs will never make a right. My stance on ALL LIVES MATTER is taken on my personal views that NO Race , colour Creed or any other reasoning Mankind could use is never enough to place one above another or one being lesser than another. There is always lessons to be learned from each situation in life. But because a number of apparently bad apples in a police force Does not make ALL Rotten and wrong. Nor does it warrant Violence and destruction. IN finishing I mean no insult in my post nor do I ever mean to cause offence. sadly language does at times cause offence.. If offence was taken then My apologies.


  3. True.
    Racism exists and we should deal with it in a fact based way.
    It is an issue that affects us all, but frequently gets lip service or emotional knee-jerk reactions that end up polarizing those who don’t see the full picture.
    If we don’t get to the root of the issues with facts, we will never have sustainable solutions.
    Took a stab recently at understanding the state of the challenge. This is what I wrote:

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  4. Having read your writing on the topic I am beyond impressed. There is nothing I could fault. I believe that we live in a society where Reaction to events almost depend on how an incident appears in media. The Media in turn appears to post in a knee jerk reaction to how the public react. .. All does as it appears in society Polarising rather than dealing with the issue. Posting or bowing a knee is in itself NOT enough. It merely delays events until another case returns us to the same cross roads. Neither can we swing the balance to another set of Biased morals as it were only to return the issues onto another set in society with the issues still to be dealt with. I believe that we in Ireland have all of this still before us and need to be wise on how we deal with such issues. DO we deal with an issue by polarising or singling one part of society out to vindicate an other? It is dangerous waters that few appears ready to thread.


    1. Pat, thanks for reading.
      My suspicion is that there has been polarization since the beginning of time. We tend to take those closest to our chest and build crisis out of them.
      I had the great pleasure of visiting Ireland several times and loved every minute of my visits. What a fantastic place with such an amazing history. Yet, that history has had some unfortunate times of violent polarization.
      On a long enough time horizon though those pale in comparison to the progress, and contributions of the Irish.
      I am of the view that we have come a long ways as a society, even though we still have much progress to make.
      Keep inspiring

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