The Unknown Love

There are  so many times that I use poetry to weave my way beyond certain events or cross roads in my walk in life.    I also like to create situations, or use imagination to create circumstances from which I could write of.  So many of such writings have never seen the light of day nor ever will or such is my thought at present.


It is my view that poetry can be the product of Imagination clashing as it were with reality, a coming together that forms the words and stanza’s in poetry. Sadly the use of imagination appears to have been placed on life support when one considers modern technologies and writing today.  Agree or disagree writing is one area where imagination can flow freely unhindered.


The following is one such poem, purely risen from the realms of Imagination. Whether these words here justify the poem in question is another argument.

Sometimes however a touch of reality helps form the poem we wish to display.


The Unknown Love

She stands alone as a voice within
The unknown spirit that haunts
The inner pathways is the win
In the shadows Loneliness it flaunts.

Finding free is her eyes inspire
As though her decades old tales
Tell what we need and yet require
To see, speak or yet to meet it fails.

She moves to hear your inner cry
An ocean reveals her secrets old
For her wares she shows as one
Who captured your heart so cold.

Finding fast her song responds
To capture you again beyond.

© Patrick Fitzgerald



Thank you for taking time to visit here and read such writings.  Please come by again and until next time Stay Safe.

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