Write a Poem Unedited Challenge

For a challenge I am going to attempt a Poem straight from Creation word for word to this post. If it works it should be interesting reading and in other words it will be either a total crash or a successful challenge..


Should any other wish to take such a challenge , The poem should be original and straight from creation to the post .


I would walk some miles for your gentle smile

To see your eyes brighten like the dawn.

I wish I were a Towel that wrapped you while

you dried from the shower in the Morn’ .


I would ne’er leave you side if I did not fear,

Your embrace is what I desire as fire.

I wish I were that Lipstick you carried near

to feel you gentle kiss  I do aspire.


If I were that scarf that warmed your soft skin

I would wrap so close to keep you warm

From the cold bitter winds that would  not win

its desire to chill you to bring you harm.


Yet you are so far from my embrace

I fear you will ne’er rest at my side.


© Patrick fitzgerald


As you may or may not tell I wrote this without reviewing or editing, such was the challenge provided to me. I am not terribly happy with the result But was an interesting Challenge to take on.


The Goal of the Challenge : Write a Poem without re-working, and publish in this Blog.  If any wish to take it on for a little challenge or fun. Feel free.. At most it tested my abilities and at worst it challenged my abilities to complete.


I hope you enjoyed this challenge.. Until next time Take Care and Please stay safe.

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