Some New Creations

Greeting,  It has been a number of days since i shared a couple of poems. When I came to write this  post, I only had one to share therefore I decided to experiment and write one as I composed this Blog.

The first poem below is that attempt and would welcome any  thoughts on this… It still has no name and who knows the name may come from any comments if any.   But the main thing is that you enjoy these two simple poems and  enjoy the gift you have. We all have a gift that may be visible or for some yet unexplored…



Run for the right road that leads you

on the path where you want to go.

That’s what they say when wandering blue

the tales they say are for you to know.



Wander lost long roads  finding traces

of where you want to be … still lost

silently  calling  lost in a sea of  faces,

The trek is yours to take  what ever the cost.


Seek The trek that fits your race

No point running a race  not yours

to win in the race of life your case

to fit the squad the eternal course.


The advice you seek should be true

Pointless seeking  from those who misguide.



© Pat Fitzgerald 2020



I Long to be


I long to be the air you breathe

to be your sole and only desire

to be the sole desire you imbathe

Caressing you as you respire


I long to be the water you drink

as though you wandered a desert

to be that sole desire that you drink

Your caress is that one desire


I long to be the food you eat

the nourishment that you demand

for your every need that you unseat

Your caress is my sole desire


I long to be your one desire

to be the root of your very fire


© Pat Fitzgerald 2020



The above poem I will say was inspired by my favourite poet John Donne 1572– 1631. Although it is a loose inspiration as I would call it.. I admit to this inspiration. The character in the poem is obviously one more of today and remains secret..

Until next time enjoy, stay safe .

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