A Shroud Loneliness Hides

Late last night I finished today’s poem, but felt it was too late to spend extra time writing and working on this post and publish. Therefore I left that work for today and as you will notice this post carries a topic that I believe is far more widespread than people give credit for.

Loneliness has become more widespread with the growth of social media and other PC based activities which has hit peoples social relationships and thus many find themselves in an area that leaves them lonely. Then we as people must consider this topi c by counter acting this thought as stated above to, how we deal with those who may not appear lonely or any other issue that makes them stand out. BUT sad fact remains that many walk amongst us every day who carry a smile and yet deep within they are caught up in a web that is Loneliness.

Todays poem centers around loneliness and should ask us a question. What do we do ? Do we accept those amongst us and befriend them? Or do we ignore them and leave this for someone else? If it were someone within your own doors, amongst those in your own family circles, then it may strike home more. BUT can we allow ourselves to wait until it is too late before acting or taking that step to lift that shroud that loneliness covers with. Please enjoy.

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

A Shroud Loneliness Hides

He stands at a corner alone,
The smile hides a moan not shown.
Always unseen in a crowd like clouds,
A shroud loneliness hides in one bowed.

She does her duties with a friendly smile,
A day on dial burning a mile in style.
Swift to a deed in silence dwells alone,
A shroud loneliness hides in one known.

Alone they may walk without a squawk,
In silence they wander roads no seen chalk.
Their sole companion a dog a champion,
A shroud loneliness hides with no union.

We carry our days with unseen walking,
No tears may be seen yet still no talking.
Meet in crowds our happy smiles delight,
To some they might be a blight at night.

A shroud loneliness hides few who care,
Would you care to walk the air and share?
Would you dare to help set the shroud adrift?
Moments sown or friendship grown a gift.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this post. I hope that you find this interesting and that it has left a thought to consider as you go about your day. If you or anyone wishes to post a comment, I welcome with an open heart, My only request is that comments are polite. My hope is that posts and comments are positive and provides for people a more positive environment.

I often post and publish with some typos and mistakes and when I discover such mistakes and typos, they will be corrected and updated. My thanks for such understanding for this situation.

In finishing, please take care and stay safe. Also where possible show a little loving care to those who are amongst us in society. Until next time Cheers.

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5 thoughts on “A Shroud Loneliness Hides

  1. What a truly beautiful poem! I really love this one. I’ve had this experience where I felt so lonely and walked through a store or street wondering “am I invisible?” It’s a terrible feeling, but a kind smile or a gentle hello always breaks the spell. I try and look for those when I’m out and make sure to make eye contact. It’s my little act of kindness—I see you and I offer you this smile.

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    1. Bidgette, thank you, Loneliness sadly happens even when one is amongst a crowd.. And it is something that both genders are prone to such lonliness… a Smile , a gentle salute or others breaks that ice for certain.. (My gentle salute to you.)

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