A Word to The Wise

Today I sat to both compose a little poetry and also work on rhyming and other aspects of my poetry writing. BUT also I wanted to write of a topic and still hide it away within words and rhymes, thus letting it to the reader to find out what the true hidden topic is. I know folks will find topics or gems for thought, but I like to bury things as deep as I can, whilst yet allowing it enough space to be spotted as it were.

I also wanted to make at least the odd poem more easily flowing (if folks understand what I mean), thus again the working on rhyming. This is a massive step away from that which I worked on when I first began to write poetry in my early 20’s. Then my poetry had no form, no rhyming and basically nothing that fitted within the normal patterns as it were. It was when I returned to education in the early 1990’s that I became facinated with the poetry of John Donne. This is where I began to bring my poetry writing back to where it should be.

In a way I transformed how I looked at poetry and thus my liking to play about and experiment with my writing. Today’s topic is Called A Word to The Wise, It may not mean a word to actual wise people. BUT more as many have said here in Ireland “Here is a word to the wise, so do with it what you want”. .. I also wanted to touch on how political leaders sing from the song book of spewing the usual polished bluff to string people along and yet many believe their trash.

In a way I have encouraged people to look at what these people tell you and at how they inform you how you should live your life, without you checking how true are they to their own polished spewing. In other words are the words and instructions the same as it states on the label and instruction leaflet as it were.

Please enjoy .

Photo by Massoud Hosna Rokh on Pexels.com

A Word to The Wise

Conditioned to act as you should,
If there you stood act to like wood.
Deemed to supply ne’er ask why apply,
A way soon seen too shy to pry or sigh.

Folded within reasons shown your zone,
Nothing known where wind blown not sown.
Who can tell when you decide yet abide,
A street where pride has died inside.

Your path to talk and choose yet to walk,
Oceans deep who dares drink said the hawk.
Both wings take to flight none left to fight,
The white knight stands but out of sight.

Defend freedom comes the cry on high,
When it left on vacation who asked why.
The wolf in sheep's clothing wanders by,
Sticking splinters in another's eyes.

The promised land sweetened with lies,
Where eyes in disguise hidden from the wise.
Choose your road free from inside a guide,
A broken wing cannot fly but there abide.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this post. As a poet I like to think that I am learning each day on how I write poetry and how it sounds, looks and appears.Which is why I play about with some aspects at times in writing.

I have also changed how I hope to accept any donations, as in Buy me a Coffee in place of the previous method. Donations go towards how I pay for this blog and the wonderful service that is along with it. BUT a Poet has never earned a whole lot in writing any poetry. At least this is how I see it and hope that eventually donations will pay for this blog rather taking it from else where.

When I write and publish this blog post, I often publish with some mistakes and typos included. This is not on purpose but they do make their way through and are published. BUT I rest assure all that I correct and update any mistakes and typos as soon as I find any. I thank you for understanding this.

In finishing please stay safe and well, also showing a little loving care to those within society is a positive step that humanity needs at this time.

Until next time. Cheers.

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