Strolling in Memory

When sitting here ready to compose todays poem, I decided to set a poem around one who was so caught up in a memory, in a love that no longer existed that he set about his day waiting for a love that was no longer going to turn up for an arranged meet. A meet up that was never arranged.

But would that be a mental health issue? Or would it be a love that no longer existed, has the person caught up in a lonely pace in life. When love dies, ie either the love itself was gone or death took his love. This is where loneliness takes over where Love once inhabited. Then when one combines this with a world that seldom has any time for a lonely soul, then it could soon become a tragic story.

BUT this is a story set in fiction, BUT case is it could very well be a true story, Loneliness is something that shows up much more at this time of year. When the fact remains loneliness is a 24/7 situation, still we have so little caring enough to provide a tiny piece of solace in what often is a desertamongst a sea of people.

My end question will be Who cares enough? Please enjoy.

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Strolling in Memory

Late again standing at the gate,
Was it fate combined with hate?
My eyes wandered to occupy,
Standing in this chilly wind I try.

Nothing changed even in time,
No rhyme reason or clocks chime,
Helped to fill this idle mind or find,
A way that helped grind in kind.

Giving up the wait I strolled,
Down a street the cold enrolled,
To add to feeling alone and blown,
In a life that left feeling thrown.

The wind now added to the cold,
That left me feeling old not gold,
I spent time walking blindly alone,
It became clear our time had flown.

No sorrow remained but pain,
The price is dear loves only drain.
“Bathe the wounds” my thought will tell,
Soon all will be well if only for a spell.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for reading this far into this post, I am greatful for all feedback and coments. I ask however that all coments are polite, because I wish too provide as polite an environment as possible. Having a polite environment reduces any insult any passer by could find within a post.

When publishing and posting this post, Some mistakes and typos make their way onto the post you read. Should you find any mistake, please rest assured, I correct and update any mistakes etc as soon as I find any. Thank you for bearing with me for any mistakes in the post.

In finishing, please stay safe and well, Providing a little loving care to those in society is a little way to provide loving care to those who are in need of a loving care at this point.

Until next time Cheers.

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7 thoughts on “Strolling in Memory

  1. On this one, I have a thought to share, perhaps a bit off topic. What so many are looking for was promoted by the society, the media, and the literature of those times, but what is real is something that happens in real time.

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