Lament For Caring Eyes

Having worked on todays poem yesterday, I found myself unable to complete and post before now. I also found myself beginning to write with one topic in mind, but half way through composing I found this poem taking steps to finish this writing with a vastly different topic in mind. This is something that I have found on a number of occasions that takes a poem to a new road in topics.

Over the past few poems I have published on this blog, One of my main trains of thought was that of caring for those who are in a difficult area, or find themselves in a place in life that leads them into pastures that are most difficult. This time of year brings much of that to the fore along with homelessness and my poems are inclined to strive to speak for people who are in such pastures in life.

A question rises behind such topics is “Who Does Care? or “Who dares to care for such in hard times?” I believe that in a society that is so fast paced and where some in societry are in hardtimes, Caring Eyes are coming more and more rare to see. Are people built up in fear of caring for some in society? does fear cream to areas in our sciety that makes humanity stand out proud.

Please enjoy this poem.

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Lament For Caring Eyes

A heart that weeps and never sleeps, 
Behind smiling eyes darkness creeps and keeps.
Like winters snows where nothing glows,
Or gardens that lay froze that no one knows.

Hidden behind painted smiles lay miles,
Of hardship in files cast forever in piles.
The river of life for some no giver of silver,
A struggle becomes real yet who can deliver?

Uncaring hearts fail to see the river turns,
Where hardship dwells and burns yet returns.
Fast flowing streams hiding dreams, 
Eyes that cannot see what burns in beams.

What lies behind eyes that wander in disguise,
Beyond highs of winners prize caring dies.
Walk on by as the piper plays his lament,
Sent to mourn caring eyes a cent for rent.

The walls of hallowed houses rise who cries,
In the nearby skies few tries nor the wise.
As caring eyes breaths their last soon passed,
Step from the past thus soon set to the mast.

©   Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for reaching and reading this far into this post. I has sat for sometime struggling to find words that would best fit this post. Therefore I hope that what you read best explains this poem and helps you to understand or find a gem for thought within the lines here.

When I move to post and publish a post like this one, I often post and publish along with Mistakes and typos which make their way to a published post. But rest assured I strive and work toward correcting and updating such posts when I discover such mistakes or typos. My thanks to folks for understanding such mistakes that will be corrected when discovered.

In finishing, please take care and stay safe. As always I ask folks to show a little loving care to those in society who are in need of a friendly face and loving eyes at this time.

Until next time Cheers.

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6 thoughts on “Lament For Caring Eyes

  1. There’s nothing greater than showing someone kindness. I just came from a funeral and it was the one thing everyone kept saying “she was so kind and always showed up.” I hope when I’m at the end of my life that can be said about me too. I try hard to be kind and giving, even when I don’t have much to give.

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  2. In “All the Pretty Horses,” Matt Damon’s character said something at the end. He was asked if he believed in God. He replied that we couldn’t get through one day without our Father above. He is the One who loves us eternally.

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