The Raven

During a walk in a very cold Frosty and foggy morning, I was struck by this thought that eventually became todays poem. Combined with a little over active creative mindset and having spent a brief moment watching a raven solve a puzzle that would release its reward, This following poem was born as it were. I became even more aware how brittle life is at times.

Considering how fast flowing the river of life is I felt the need to place this poem down here and publish alll in a hope that folks will read and at least enjoy. During the writing of this poem, I began with a set rhyming system in mind. But much of that fell by the way side as the poem moved on and most of the rhyming pattern and other areas appear to fall away in an atempt to drive home how hurried life can be and how much we can miss in life, If we do not stop for a time and smell the roses.

It is no secret that roses are amongst my favorite flowers, all for a variety of reasons but ot be able to use an old saying I have heard through out my life. “Stop and smell the roses before it is too late” How true that is, especially in these days when the modern world is geared on a fixation to rush to survive life.

Please enjoy this poem.

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 The Raven

  A white sheet enveloped all in view,
  On a bright frost covered stone as glue,
A single rose thrown left yet rejected.
A symbol goes of days not selected.

 Nearby a raven black as night gazed,
Not a snack that which past lasts glazed,
Many passed on their way rich and poor,
Seize the day to make their pay no chore.

Says the Raven to all who pass,
“Stop and Smell the Rose” not for class,
“before it’s too late” Soon the gate will close,
Soon the cold north wind comes and blows.

Worth more than the grain of sand in a river,
A breath taken to feel the breeze, a giver.
Rich or poor it matters not, “Smell the rose”,
The raven calls to all you hears who knows.

Who shall stop one time or two spend a little,
Soon you’ll find life is clear, thus brittle.
Like the rose it’s season past and cannot last.
Hear the raven, “Stop and smell the rose” fast!

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

As always I thank any who has read to this point in my post. It is my hope that you will have either found enjoyment inreading this poem OR that you have found a gem or two from the midst of todays poem. If you or anyone wishes to post a coment, I welcome with an open heart. My only request is that any coments are made in a polite manner. Such a request is to keep as positive a page as possible and also to avoid any insult any passer by may find within words that are written.

When I reach the point where I publish this post, a few typos and mistakes have often made their way into the published article. Rest assured I both correct and update the post as soon as I discover any such typo or mistakes. My thanks for understanding this situation.

In finishing, please stay safe and keep well, also try when possible o show a little loving care to those in society who are in need of a little loving care and kindness.

Until next time cheers.

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4 thoughts on “The Raven

  1. What a lovely poem! Such an important thing to remember during this hectic time of year. I see grumpy stressed people everywhere I go right now and sometimes I’m tempted to join them. Instead, I look up at the beautiful cloudy sky or notice a baby smiling at me. It’s important to see the beauty.

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    1. Bridgette thank you, This is the very essence and point within this poem. People are too caught up with the negative social media and its negative news and scare type stories aimed at stress and worry. Then we got an economy that is fast paced that people have almost forgotten to remember to Stop and Smell the Roses.. Even for a moment then such a change has to happen within. (My opinion in much of this)

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