Ring The Bell

On occasions I spend a little time thinking about friends and past friends(one time former friends). Most of whom I no longer have any contact with. BUT one in particular I had spent time thinking about over the years. At one time this gentleman was one of my best friends. BUT in youth and younger drinking days things turned nasty between us friends. Of which never recovered or spoke in time since..

A number of years ago this same gentleman lost a battle with cancer and a one time great friendship never recovered, thus todays poem is keeping in line with this loss of friendship and what a loose tongue could result in etc. A poem that I hope will cause thought in folks at least in time. The tongue can be sharper than any sword when left loose and the damage done may never be recovered.

I do hope that folks find a home for this poem and one that may strike a nerve somewhere. Regret is something that may never be good to hold onto long term. But action to tie the tongue down and stop it from causing such possible damage may be the key.. OR at least it may bring this topic room for thought.. Please enjoy.

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Ring The Bell

You enter my mind being one of a kind,
Feeling blind to all about I find,
Thinking of you grows easier each day,
“Old friend” a term still goes your way.

Life’s road carries lessons dear to all,
Betrayal carries the deepest pond to crawl,
Regret a chain that holds as all turns cold,
Two ships drifted hold apart not gold.

One’s sharpest sword ne’er cut deeper,
As a tongue set upon one, you as keeper.  
No bandage heals what the tongue steals,
Control deeds that cut friendships wheels.

Ring a dinner bell before the midnight spell,
Understand deeds sow seeds past the swell.
Death comes calling when time ends,
Pass the coin choose to lose which sends.

“Old friend” your days have come and gone,
Yet friendship died at betrayal doors dawn.
Short lived they sung for you forever young,
Ring the bell, no time to tell you was stung.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for reaching this far into my post. I am always blessed to know so many have read my poetry and how many have showed interest in my journey in poetry. I am also blessed to see that numbers of followers are creeping toward 1000.. BUT still a little short and I hope to reach that goal of 1000 pretty soon or at least before new years…

If you or anyone wishes to post a comment I welcome with an open heart and only ask that comments remain polite, this is to help provide a positive page and post as much as I possibly could. On occasions I post and publish with mistakes and typos that make their way onto posts. I assure people that all mistakes and typos are corrected and updated as soon as I discover them. I ask for forgiveness and understanding for such mistakes etc..

Until next time please stay safe and well, also show a little loving care to those who are in need of such loving care at this time. Such is a start in helping humanity and providing some positivity in society.

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12 thoughts on “Ring The Bell

  1. 💜 Once a “Friend” always a “Friend” either Active or Dormant EveryOne; sure EveryBody, things can “get nasty” but it’s like family, We NEVER!!! Let Them Go…just Dormant until They Die; then We Hear about Their Death and Regret NOT!!! Making PEACE!!! while They Were ALIVE!!!


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  2. 💜 My Soul Spouse is a Mean Bitch EveryOne and Tried to Punish Me by Putting Me in Prison; but I Love HER!!!To Bits and I Won Keeping My Freedom…eventually SHE!!! will Get It and Focus on Compassion, Care and Kindness; or NOT!!! as an OverCareTaker



  3. Oh, what a heartfelt poem. I’ve lost some friends to distance, and others to a falling out, and both always ache. I don’t think there is enough poetry about the loss of the love of a friend. It can be as painful as losing a family member or lover.

    Hope you are a having a pleasant day and you cross that 1,000 threshold soon. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Bridgette, Losing people who were very close at one point is a painfull event. I hope that poems like this at least marks that. I also hope that 1000 mark is passed at some point. By far way beyond what I ever dreamed would happen.

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