Bridge to Another Day

Over many hours I sat writing todays poem, yet tasks interrupted my desire to complete this project I had set early. With files opened and poem unfinished, Day turned to a chilly evening and now night has fallen and now this poem has been completed. I am certain many have had days like this when desired task to complete a writing is interrupted by other objects that require completion. Such was this day, yet this desire to completehas finally been carried through. Even if first thoughts of an unfinished poem carried through to a slightly different road.

But I am certain that this finished poem has the same method and issues, words etc and completed. I cannot yet say that this poem has one very certain issue inmind and wrapped within this poem. BUT folks will see it has a topic I know folks will see within for themselves.

What is certain Love is something that carries through the toughest and hardest of times and so often couples find themselves through such hard times intact. There are then times when one finds themselves waiting for their loved one in a hope that they will carry through together. This is one such topic within this poem, but there is another area that I have left for the readers to find for themselves. It is often nice to see where a reader takes what they read as their minds eye takes them through what they read. Such again is my hope for this poem.

Please enjoy…

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Bridge to Another Day

Walking in another lonely starlit night,
When thoughts again had taken flight.
Consumed by guilt that now played games,
Thus it seems leaving sanity in flames.

If I could cross the bridge to another day,
I would run that race as before and still stray.
A wandering soul captured within life’s cages,
That is set to repeat failings in unread pages.

Come lead me quietly on another road,
That leads me where the waters flowed. 
When sins of the past cannot yet last,
Forgiveness still awaits nailed to the mast.

I rest on the road carrying a heavy load,
None would aid this weary man or slowed.
Now at the waters edge I call your name,
In silence I sit yet wait in shame.

Days one cannot relive, yet many tried,
Like sins of the past that stick in our stride.
My love remains unaltered Now I sit and wait,
Weak in spirit nothing with it wait at the gate.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for reaching this far in this post. I always feel thankfull to those who read this far into my posts and having read my poetry, I hope that this one as other have done, has been an enjoyable or interesting venture. If you or anyone wishes to post a comment I welcome same with an open heart. My usual request stands and I hope that comments are in a polite manner, this is to keep as positive a page as possible andalso My hope is to avoid any possible insult being found within.

I most often and more often than I would like, Post and publish with mistakes and typos included. I do my best to ensure such are corrected before publishing, BUT some make it through. I assure folks that I correct and update posts as soon as mistakes are found. BUT I appologise for such mistakes etc..

In finsihing Please stay safe, well and when possible show a little loving care to those who are in need of such loving care at this time. Until next time Love and Peace.

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10 thoughts on “Bridge to Another Day

  1. Oh, what a powerful poem. I really resonated with the lines “When sins of the past cannot yet last”—it’s so hard sometimes to not live in a constant replaying of our greatest hits of shame and regret. I wish you a peaceful, enjoyable today dear friend.

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